Break Room Sydney

It's time to get your smash on! Grab a baseball bat and start swinging away the stress one breakable item at a time. You think this is a game? Show us your rage face!

Sydney's First Break Room

Still Curious About The Break Room?
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We took our anger management to the next level… Now we’re offering it to the public.

At Smash Brothers, we offer stress and anger management through violence. Yes, Violence! We give you some things to break, a weapon of your choice and a smash room, all to yourself. What you do in there and how you do it, is completely up to you! Whether it be stress from work or your personal life, there’s nothing better than swinging a bat to vent.

We’ve even been lucky enough to have our break room featured in a range of media articles and social media posts. Check out what the girls from Buzz Feed had to say about the Smash Brothers!

So I Smash Printers and Computers?

Why not? It’s exciting, it’s energetic and releases endorphins, which improve your mood and lowers stress. We source all sorts of different items to break, such as tv’s, toasters, bottles, cups, plates, blenders and so much more. The items we stock our break rooms with vary due to what we can acquire at the time.

If you’ve ever had the feeling to punch straight through your computer monitor, this is for you.

Easy Location & Parking

Our break rooms are easily accessible at our new location which can be found on Power Ave (Driveway on Loveridge Street) in Alexandria.

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Break Room Add Ons

Feel like the crate of breakables isn't enough? We have add-ons you can apply to your package, in-store. Depending on available stock, we offer screens, printers, tv's and other electonic equipment!

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Add On Breakbles

Does this Really Work?

A study completed by the American Psychological Associationn (APA) showed that men and women both handle stress in different ways. Men are far more likely to find stress relief in physical activity whereas women will most likely seek stress relief from relationships such as family and friends. However, stress relief can be found in a range of physical exercises, shared by both men and women, such as martial arts or simply going to the gym. We simply took this concept, coupled it with the natural instinct to throw your computer out the window, and designed a room where you could break things to feel better.

Top 3 Most Asked Questions

How many people at a time?

Currently we only allow one person inside each break room at a time. This is due to saftey reasons but we're currenlt in discussions about making a dual person room available.

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Is there an age Limit?

Yep, you'll need to be at least 18 years and older. Our insurance requires all participants to be consenting adults. Minors can't be signed for by their parents or guardians, unfortunately.

What to wear?

We provide most of the safety gear for the break rooms, but you'll need to make sure you wear enclosed shoes such as sneakers, boots or similar. Please do not wear high heels, thongs, crocs, sandals etc. You will not be able to participate otherwise.

Are you game enough?

Let's Do This!

We're Currently Not Operating

Smash Brothers is taking a break for now but will be back in 2019. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news. Thank you!

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