Break Stuff Sydney

Printer wont print? Boss is grinding you down? Computer starts to lag with one more tab being opened… We all have those moments where the overwhelming stress is bringing us to the break point and all we want to do is grab the nearest object and break it in half. This is the backbone of our business! Break Stuff!

We literally built the business around this idea and the fact that we also like to break stuff! We just didn’t have a place to do it, then the light bulb went on and suddenly, Smash Brothers was born.

It’s an instant satisfaction seeing the laptop explode at the end of your bat swing. If you want to break stuff, why not come and see us at Smash Brothers? Use your bottled up energy on a crate full of breakable items and electronic add-ons that are available for purchase.

We know everyone is different and everyone has a unique way in the way they want to break things. What you do in the room is up to you as long as you abide by our simple rules.

Breaking stuff has never been so easy and fun! Grab a break room session today!

If you have any questions about the things you want to break or breaking stuff in general, hit us up via our online enquiry form.


We're Currently Not Operating

Smash Brothers is taking a break for now but will be back in 2019. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news. Thank you!

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