We’re happy for you to bring your own items to smash but they need to be inspected by our staff and meet our requirements. This is so we can  keep you, our other clients and our staff safe at all times.

Items must:

  1. Be no bigger than a microwave.
  2. Not contain fluid of any kind (Water, paint, alcohol, oil, etc).
  3. Not contain any propellants.
  4. Not contain flammable substances (petrol, gas, etc).
  5. Not contain explosives of any kind.
  6. Not contain hazardous material (Radoiactive, lead, asbestos, etc).
  7. Not contain organic material (food, garden material, human waste, etc).

If in doubt, just post a message to our facebook page with a picture of your item and we’ll let you know if it’s suitable or not.

We appreciate your compliance with our requirements