Frequently Asked Break Room Questions

We’ve noticed a lot of people returning with the same questions about our break room sessions, so we’ve put together a list of all the things you need to know about participating in a Smash Brother Session.

If you have any of questions we can answer that aren’t listed below, please send us an enquiry on our contact page.

Is the break room only for people who are stressed?

Of course not, our smash rooms are for anyone who wants to try  something new,  be adventurous or just looking to have a bit of fun with friends. There is a lot of debate around whether break rooms help for stress but it is definitely a great release for bottled up energy!

What Safety Equipment is provided?

We ask that all break room participants wear enclosed shoes (no heels, crocs, sandals / thongs etc).
We provide everything else, including the following PPE equipment:

  • Face Shield
  • Heavy Duty Gloves over the top of disposable gloves
  • Coveralls

What is inside the smash room?

The smash room normally includes a static item which is a bulky item similar to a fridge, photocopier, washing machine, etc. These are subject to availability at the time and there are no guarantees on what items will be inside the room on the day of your booking.

What is included in the crate of breakables?

Our crate of smashable items includes a mix of plates, bowls, beer & wine bottles as well as other random breakable items. These are subject to availability but always remain consistent in the number of items per crate. 

How many people are allowed in the room?

For safety and insurance purposes, we only allow one person at a time inside each break room. We wouldn’t want anyone catching the backswing of a baseball bat accidentally. We do have windows where friends and family can watch you inside the break room and you’re more than welcome to video record each other.

Can I watch my friends and family during their session?

Absolutely! You can either watch through the break room window or via a live feed on the TV in our waiting room. Feel free to take pictures and videos of each other and your smashing antics.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Unfortunately, not at this stage. We have had a great deal of interest in this and we will be implementing this into our system shortly.

Do you have other add ons available to smash?

We know that sometimes a crate of breakables may not be enough so we do have other items for purchase as add ons, these range from keyboards, laptops, monitor, televisions but do note that these are subject to availability. Please ask about what we have in our inventory when you come in for your session.

Can you open out of hours for special events?

We can open on weeknights for customers who really need a smash but there will be a surcharge on top of the normal pricing. Please contact us for more information and out of hours, opening availability.

How long will Smash Brothers be operating?

Initially we decided to open for 3 months to test out the viability of the business. We’re happy to announce that we’ll be around for at least another 3 months from the end of July 2018!