Double Break Room Booking


– 2 Person Package
– 2 x Crate of Breakable Items
– 20 mins of allocated room time (10 mins per person, 1 person at a time).

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Ok, we know you’re serious. You wouldn’t be looking at this package if you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into. The Double Break Room Booking is for hardcore break room enthusiasts and accommodates two people. (Unfortunately, not at the same time).

This was designed for two friends to support each other in their break room antics. All you have to decide is who goes first!

The double smash in our break room gives you 2 crates spread across 2 rooms. By the time you’ve smashed your way through the cups, plates and glassware, then you swing away on the static items. Even then you still have access to beat on and break the large static items in the room. These are normally quite bulky items that will be hard to break apart.

Smash Brothers is one of the only places in Sydney where you can go to break things guilt free and feel good. Everybody that participates leaves with a smile! Do you have what it takes to last the full 10 mins in the Smash Brothers break room?

We're Currently Not Operating

Smash Brothers is taking a break for now but will be back in 2019. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news. Thank you!