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Rage Room Sydney

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Looking for a Rage Room in Sydney? Welcome to Smash Brothers! Currently we are the only Rage Room in Sydney! We’re a small popup offering an experience like no other. Our Rage Rooms are an amazing way to vent and release energy. We’ll be setting up other small Rage Room popups in various locations such as shopping centres and inner Sydney locations.

We’re currently confirming a pop-up with Rhodes Shopping centre in which we’ll be setting up a portable Rage Room inside of a modified shipping container which will accommodate impromptu rage sessions.

Hang on… A What Room?


Q: What is a Rage Room?

Fantastic question, a Rage Room is a place where you can release all your bottled up rage upon random breakable items, using a baseball bat.  We provide a crate of glass and crockery items such as cups, plates, bottles and other assorted items. We also have other more robust items for add on purchases, like printers, computer monitors and other electronic equipment.

The term Rage Room comes from the shear nature of the activity. Take out your hate of printers, ON A PRINTER!


More notably called a break room, they’re also often referred to as Anger Rooms, Smash Pits and Smash Rooms.

Q: Where can I visit a Rage Room?

Our main Rage Room pop-up is currently operating in Kogarah and soon to be opening in Rhodes Shopping centre. We also have plans to move further towards inner sydney city and setup a base of operations near Alexandria.

Follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates on where we are opening up new pop ups and anger rooms: https://facebook.com/sydneysmashbrothers/

Whether you’re looking to vent some rage, have some fun or just have the opportunity to destroy some stuff in a guilt free and energetic manner, we’ve got you covered. Anger Rooms are a fun and social way to release your bottled up energy in a controlled and safe environment.

We’ll give you protective equipment such as overalls, gloves and a face mask, then whatever you want to do in the anger room is up to you.

Swing fast, Swing Hard!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message from our contact form or via Facebook!


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